Smart Maps gather internal & external data to deliver actionable insights directly to the end-user

  • Tailor-made to your business needs 

  • Guided by a team of Cartha experts

  • Developed for and with the business end-user

  • Powerful visualisations that make the data and insights easily useable for non- data experts

  • Lessen clutter by combining multiple data sources in one place. 

Smart Maps provide users with crucial actionable insights based on automated data gathering and visualisation. In effect, they make your data more accessible, useable and actionable. Within a blink of an eye, users attain a situational understanding. Through our Smart Maps, organisations increase the focus on growth, find new opportunities or discover challenges before they arise. 

All Smart Maps are powered by our own Core Engine, that allows us to combine data from available sources, project them on an attractive map, and make them interact. Whatever the use, this helps you and other users to see and understand the relevant information faster. 

Find out how a Smart Map can be used for organisational success:

Smart Map sales


In one clear overview, a Smart Map helps sales managers ánd employees keep track of various sales data,


Sales reps can:

  • scan for possible leads 

  • see an overview per customer, with revenue, previous sales, etc.

  • compare customers and discover new opportunities. 

Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 10.24.25.png

Business Intelligence

Understand your market better than your competitors. Allocate resources effectively, anticipate events and win faster. 

A Smart Map used for business intelligence purposes will open a world of practical actionable insights to you and your company. 

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Marketing Effectiveness

Empower your marketing team with actionable insights. Enable them to devise effective marketing campaigns that can be tracked and traced. Maximise your effort and allocate resources to create the biggest impact.

Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 10.23.11.png

Crisis response

Using Cartha's maps during a time of crisis allows you to fall back on pre-planned crisis response measures. 

A crisis response map:

  • provide quick situational understanding to key stakeholders to enable quick decision-making

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 12.39.37.png

Management Reporting

Steer your company's operations as effectively as possible. Using a Smart Map empowers you to take quality decisions to improve performance. In a glance of an eye, decision-makers understand the who, what, where and when within the company. A Smart Map provides them with the actionable insights to navigate the business to success. 

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Public Relations

Engage with your target audiences by providing interactive maps about your activities in their environment. 

Useful for organisations such as:

  • public infrastructure institutions

  • building and maintenance companies

  • municipalities

  • franchises