Sales: all information at hand for better sales performance

Empower your sales team by providing real-time sales-relevant information. Provide sales representatives the actionable insights they need most to close the next deal.  

A Smart Map keeps track of and combines various sales data sources in order to empower sales representatives to:

  • Discover new opportunities on the basis of predetermined criteria. Gain an overview of possible leads with contact information. 

  • Gain insight into customer needs (who, what, where & when), such as sales breakdown per customer, with revenue, previous sales, etc.

  • Keep score: understand and compare individual as well as team sales performance and learn from each other. 

Cartha - Example sales force visits.gif

Use-case: more sales through location-based insights

The Smart Map empowers the sales force of an organisation to keep track of their customer base in order to direct their sales efforts. A Smart Map provides actionable insights to your sales force to close more deals faster.

Using a Smart Map sales reps have all relevant data about who they’re visiting at their fingertips. They can see what the customer’s needs are and what they’ve discussed before. This they can optimise their sales efforts and sell more.  Through its intuitive interface, a Smart Map ensures that sales reps spend less time on admin and more on what they like most: sales.