Public relations: be transparent about what you do, always

A Smart Map enables you to engage with your target audience. Empower your customers or constituents the opportunity to explore your world and organisation’s activities. 


This allows you to:

  • Inform key audiences, such as employees or constituents, about relevant activities within a specified domain, such as roadworks or events.

  • Enable users to quickly find and connect to key stakeholders by understanding the landscape.

  • Disseminate organisation-related information quickly.​

A Smart Map is useful for organisations such as:

  • (Public) infrastructure organisations

  • Building and maintenance companies

  • Municipalities

  • Large corporations 

Cartha - Example PR2.gif

Use-case: explore your area using a Smart Map

Using a Smart Map a constituent gains insight into the various municipal activities, such as road works, events and renovations, across town. The Smart Map empowers the municipality to be more transparent towards its constituents about what they’re using the funds for and where. The Smart Map also acts as a portal where constituents can easily communicate to the municipality about what's going on in their neighbourhood.