Our Smart Maps help organisations make their data more accessible and actionable, for better business. Our in-house developed software allows for solutions tailored to your needs.

For the last decade and a half, businesses have been looking to gather more data to effect growth. We’ve reached a point where everyone has all the data. This presents a challenge: how do we make all this data useable? 

This is where our Smart Maps come in. They are interactive map-based dashboards that help organisations unlock the full potential of their data.


They provide users with crucial insights based on automated data gathering and visualisation. In effect, it makes your data more accessible, useable and actionable. Within a blink of an eye, users attain a situational understanding, enable decision-makers to process information faster and make timely decisions based on actual, validated data.



They can provide:


  • Continuous situational awareness to make validated decisions in less time, essential in time-sensitive situations

  • Make available data more actionable and intelligent to help drive growth and discover new business opportunities.

  • Make relevant external data easily accessible, searchable and actionable.

Want to read more about our smart maps and see them in action? Read our whitepaper here!