Marketing effectiveness: always be able to determine most effective marketing strategy

Collating information from various data sources, such as demography, social media, competitor activity, our Smart Map gives you a clear understanding your target audience’s their needs and wants.  


A Smart Map enables you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by keeping track of your adspend vs market behaviour. This empowers you to:

  • Know your target audience and reach out to them effectively

  • Determine your marketing efforts and measure your effectiveness. 

  • Anticipate competitors’ efforts and plan accordingly.

Cartha - Example Market_sales potential.

Use-case: measuring impact of marketing campaign over time 

The marketing team wants to know the effectiveness of their latest product-specific marketing campaign. The Smart Map gives them insights into target audiences engaged, increases in sales and money spent on ads over time. This enables them to prove that their latest campaign was a great success.