Smart Maps are custom built - fully adapted to your organisation's need 

We've developed an efficiënt research, design and implementation process that delivers a fully-functional Smart Map in just 18 weeks. Using an agile development approach we hand over an app - co-developed with your internal stakeholders -  as soon as possible. 

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Quick Scan

For four weeks, a team of Carthan specialists will be in your office to find out all we need to know to deliver the best possible Smart Map. This initial development is aimed at getting a complete picture of your data landscape, what data systems/sets we should integrate, interviewing all relevant end-users, going through design sprints together and much more. 

After four weeks the Quick Scan delivers:​

  • Interactive mock-ups of the Smart Map design

  • A project rapport that details relevant insights 

  • Development roadmap for the next 14 weeks

Platform Basics

In this phase, our technical team will build the basic platform that can be used for all future development. After the basics are done, we have a solid base that can be endlessly expanded upon and can be used right away. 

Fill Smart Map

With the backlog we've determined in the Quick Scan, we develop the most valuable insights first. In eight weeks we prepare the platform for the V1.0 launch and determine a revised backlog for beyond V1.0.