Crisis response: act faster during crisis using
actionable insights.  

Our Smart Maps provide faster insights into a crisis situation by combining relevant internal & external datastreams, such as  weather, fire department, social media, CRM system and crisis protocols.

Save time on the analysis and know what your next step should be in order to avoid loss of life and collateral damage. Instead of trying to understand the crisis, spend your time solving it. 

Using a Smart Map during a time of crisis allows you to fall back on pre-planned crisis response measures. A crisis response map:​

  • Provides fast situational understanding to key stakeholders.

  • Enables quality decision-making based on predetermined safety protocols and crisis response options.

  • Alleviate crisis personnel from having to collect and collate data when time is pressing.  

Use-case: automated cancelations of hotel bookings and guest evacuation 

The above use-case details automated hotel cancellations and guest evacuations from wildfire affected areas. A Smart Map enables the hotels and hotel broker to reduce cost and safeguard customer safety by continuously generating relevant actionable insights about the crisis by combining various data sources. 


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