Business Intelligence: Know your market. Understand it better than your competitors. Act faster and win.

Collating information from various data sources our Smart Map gives you a clear understanding of your market. Gain full situational understanding about market trends, competitor activities as well as your own performance. All within a blink of an eye.   


This empowers you to:

  • Stay ahead of your competitors and win market share . 

  • Target resources effectively. After all you can only spend them once. 

  • Anticipate & exploit business opportunities faster.

  • Take quality strategic decisions based on verified and actionable insights. 

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Use-case: gaining a competitive advantage through superior market understanding

Your organisation has developed a product a new medicine for a new market. With limited budget, how do you go about realising an effective & fruitful rollout? Where can you realise quick gains and establish a foothold. What will be your first steps to conquer the market? 


A Smart Map gathers external and internal data to determine where you should concentrate your efforts. The Smart Map displays which areas are ripe for your product in order for you to seize the initiative. Once you have done so, the Smart Map delivers a continuously-up-to-date overview which the product team can use to improve their roll-out activities.