Our approach

Cartha's maps are build specifically for our clients. Our approach consists of four phases.





I. Analyse customer needs and existing tech landscape

II. Validate initial analysis

III. Collaborative design workshops

IV. Design of minimum viable prototype with functionalities, use cases and specifications (final mock-up)

Milestone 1

I. Develop minimum viable prototype, with focus on system integration

II. Test and validate with users

III.  Refine and deploy MVP

IV. Further develop based on feedback and client wishes.  

Milestone 2

I. Roll-out product to users

II. Review usage periodically

III.  Uncover bugs and weakpoints

IV. Support users with queries and usage related issues

Milestone 3

I. Review usage and use of map.

II. Identify wishes for further development

III. Develop product further where needed

IV. Provide continuous support where necessary

Milestone 4