Smart Maps make your data accessible & actionable to

discover opportunities for growth

Making full use of available data is THE key 

to future business success

Cartha’s goal is to empower organisations to reap the benefits of the data revolution. We improve access to relevant actionable insights for employees to positively impact organisational objectives. We do this by building an awesome, user-specific and easy-to-use data tool that provide desirable actionable insights consistently: Smart Maps.

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A Smart Map empowers organisations to stay competitive in a fast changing world. Have a look at the various use-cases to find out how. 

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Marketing Effectiveness

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Business Intelligence

Understand your market better than your competitors. Allocate resources effectively, anticipate events and win faster. 


A Smart Map used for business intelligence purposes will open a world of practical actionable insights to you and your company. 

Smart Map sales



Smart Maps provide a visual layer that will increase the sales effectiveness of sales teams. 

It can easily enrich your own sales data with external data to improve sales potential and find new area's for growth.

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Stream thousands of your datapoints in real-time. We can help you optimize routes and get more value from the real-time data you're generating. 

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Public Relations

Engage with your target audiences by providing interactive maps about your activities in their environment. 

Useful for organisations such as:

  • public infrastructure institutions

  • building and maintenance companies

  • municipalities

  • franchises

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Management Reporting

Steer your company's operations as effectively as possible. Using a Smart Map empowers you to take quality decisions to improve performance. In a glance of an eye, decision-makers understand the who, what, where and when within the company. A Smart Map provides them with the actionable insights to navigate the business to success. 

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Real-time incident radar

An incident radar couples real-time insights about incidents with your customer data. 

Use it to provide better customer excellence and lessen the negative impact of incidents. 

All the data


The amount of information organisations generate, receive and process on a daily basis is increasing exponentially. This raises the question how to actually use all that data? Being competitive in a digital world is no longer about generating as much data as possible. It is about using that data to its maximum potential. A Smart Map enables an organisation stay competitive in a fast changing world.

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